Brace Master Boxing Speed Bags with Stand

Brace Master Boxing Speed Bags with Stand

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Category: Punching Bag with Stand, Training Equipment

Color: Speed Bags
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  • High performance base design: our punch bag features 6 removable silicone suction cups at the bottom of the base, which can fill water and sand to improve the performance of the floor.
  • Punch bag with stand suit for training: optimal design for safe use during boxing speed training. Can better reflect your shot, train your speed and flexibility. Use of durable material for quality.
  • Improve stability – the reinforced spring device improves shock absorption ability and allows the boxing ball to jump back quickly when hitting, which brings a better punching feeling. The combination of components has a higher degree of adaptation, which avoids the road situation after a hit.
  • Thicker base with removable silicone suction cups - The reinforced base makes them thicker and less prone to damage. The base is equipped with 6 removable silicone suction cups that make the base more stable, so that the box reaction ball cannot easily fall on the floor and there are more scene options and it can easily handle different ground conditions such as grass, cement, etc. Tiles and wood.
  • The package contains assembly parts, some small tools and assembly instructions. If the delivery process fails, please contact us via your order or via our customer service email. More exciting content can be found in Brace Master.