Brace Master Camping Table Folding Portable Aluminum Picnic Table with

Brace Master Camping Table Folding Portable Aluminum Picnic Table with Tablecloth

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  • OIL-RESISTANT TABLECLOTH: The product comes with an oil-resistant tablecloth. Two products are purchased with one penny, which is multi-purpose.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STABLE: The tabletop and table frame are made of aluminum alloy, whiis lighter anch d stable.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: only three steps are required, and the assembly can be completed in one minute. Convenient and fast, very suitable for outdoor camping.
  • THE HEIGHT OF THE TABLE LEGS IS ADJUSTABLE: The portal folding table is designed with retractable aluminum legs with heights ranging from 17.7" to 27.5" to adapt to uneven surfaces and meet the needs of your next camping adventure.
  • HINGE DESIGN: The desktop adopts a hinge design, which is convenient for unfolding during installation and storage when not needed. And it is very easy to clean the desktop.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: The table is folded and unfolded, about 89.9 cm long*53 cm wide*45-69.9 cm high

Brace Master lightweight and stable aluminum folding table camping out essential supplies

  • The Aluminum plate tabletop can be rolled up and the table legs can be folded with non-slip feet. It fits into the included lightweight carry bag, which is good for storage and easy to carry and store.
  • Our camping folding table features a one-piece design providing consumers with the easiest way to install and fold the table of any tools.
  • The maximum height of the table is 27.5'' and the four side crossbars lock the table in a place where you need it and eliminate the possibility of the table being folded during use.

One table is multi-purpose

  1. The folding table adopts the triangular stability principle, which makes our table more stabled than ordinary folding tables.
  2. It can be used for outdoor camping, mountaineering, traveling, or when watching sports events. Used in any other place, it can also be used as card games and temporary laptop tables.

Sturdy card slot

The design of other people's card slots is prone to suffer wear and tear when transporting and going out for picnics, affecting the mood of use and play. The recessed design of our card slot inside just needs to snap the desktop on the table frame can be used, we also thoughtfully prepared, replacement parts, so you don't have to worry about the problem of parts being broken

Tablecloth with a certain degree of oil resistance

When most people go out for camping and picnics, they will bring some food with water and oil, and there will be more cleaning work on the table. Our product comes with a table cloth with a certain degree of oil resistance. , Allowing you to reduce the work of cleaning oil stains when camping, picnics, barbecues, backyard parties.

Brace Master camping folding table with a mobile net layer

Network layer after upgrade
Detachable meshed layer
More space

Non-slip table base、Adjustable buckle、Desktop with hinge design