Must-have gloves in winter for skating

Must-have gloves in winter for skating

3 touchscreen finger

When you wear gloves outdoors, you can still use your mobile phone to make calls, take pictures as usual,and do not need to take off your gloves.

waterproof zipper pocket

The Bigger waterproof zipper pocketeasily hold money or a credit card to meet your needs as well.

3M Thinsulate Super Warm

Our ski gloves are insulate with 40 grams 3M thinsulate and 120 grams cotton insulations keep your hands warm in temperature around 10℉ .

anti-slip PU plam

The Plam Anti-slip PU leather with double stitches is durable enhances grip and prevents daily wear and tear, and slip-resistant.


Premium Workmanship

  • Anti-slip design of the leather palm increases the safety of use, allowing you to hold the skiing tool tightly and avoid the danger of slipping
  • Customize the wrist strap to secure your gloves perfectly

Super Warm Winter Gloves

  • For Winter Sports: Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowmobile, Downhill Skiing, Hockey etc.
  • For Winter Work: Snow Shoveling, Fishing, Winter Riding, Winter Motorcycling etc.
  • For Jobs: All people who needs to keeps hands warm in various weather conditions.
  • Safety Tips : Put a survival card in this zipper pocket , fill in the information on the card and put the card into the pocket. Once you are in a dangerous and unconsciousness, other people can help you quickly by the card.
  • How to Clean : Best washed by hand to avoid destorying the warm performance.
  • How to Dry : Put gloves in the dryer for at least one hour if hard to dry can use boot dryer or a hair dryer.



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